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My sister got married!


In what was absolutely perfect weather on an October afternoon, this creative couple held their whimsical wedding day under a green canopy of lush green leaves that sheltered The Manor Basket Range. Kendra and Marshal’s family and friends witnessed the laughs, the mistakes, the tears and the raw emotion that filled the walls of this castle.


Watching the smiles of my family around me there was endless amounts of ecstatic energy as 3 days prior to the wedding, the dance restrictions in Adelaide were lifted. This was a truly stunning day which had me in pure tears of happiness.


Congratulations to my sisters and now Brother in Law.

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Sarah & 



Under her white broadbrim hat, wrapped in the flowing silk of her hand made dress, Sarah gracefully stepped out of the clasped in her fathers hands. Ethan, patiently waiting under the rain droplets which fell from the heavy clouds above us.


This intimate ceremony held at Maximillians had been postponed three times which is why we all took a minute to stop, breath, and truly take in how incredible it was that we were all gathered on the lawns finally witnessing this unstoppable love that Ethan and Sarah have created.

Wedding Dress design by local legend Christina Tridente (Couture Love Madness) The one and only, Photographer Katherine Schultz and celebrant Elise Mae.. with a team like this, what a day to remember.



Katie & 



A wedding that was tested by the elements of wind and rain.


As we gathered under a clear marquee at St Francis winery, Melanie Millen (Melebrant) spoke wise words of love about the wedded couple. We all watched in awe as Adam's face slowly shed tears whilst talking about his love for Katie.


Jack (Jack Small Photography) and I took Adam and Katie on an adventure through endless fields amongst the olive tree’s where the wind swept us off our feet. We then found ourselves where the rolling cliffs met the crashing waves, perched out on what felt like the top of the world looking over the South Australian coastline.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Neil



Josephine & 



A big celebration of LOVE. Every time I think of this wedding I think about the high energy from start to finish of this day. Every room walked into, every location we arrived at, everywhere I turned  was an overwhelming feeling of happiness and energy from every guest in the room. 


Their traditional ceremony had taken place amongst the high walls and stained glass windows of St Laurence Catholic Church. After the church bells rang the bridal party piled into a stretch limousine where they danced as champagne bottles were popping in celebration of the newly wedded couple.


At the JDF Centre Joey and Josephine burst through the door firing confetti cannons’s into the air with pure joy on their faces as their family members clapped their hands in celebration.


So much dancing, so much food and so much love, what a wedding. 



Sarah & 



On a warm afternoon I drove out to McLaren Vale through the rolling hills of the South. On arrival at Paxton Wines, Sarah and Layton’s family and friends were gathered on the lawns of the sunken vineyard valley eager to watch them join their lives with love. 


We had words from celebrant Kerrie Turner and photos by one of Adelaide's best Alexis Fergusson of Goldlight Photography. We ventured out to the cliffs of Willunga beach where we were surrounded by remarkable cliffs and wide ocean surrounds.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs McMahon