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Bec & 



In the words of Rebecca’s father, love is like a bank account that we deposit in and withdraw out of each day… in order to withdraw from the relationship we have to deposit something in and let it build over time.


The love that Bec and Dion have for each other is forever changing, forever building, forever depositing into their wealthy account of pure love for each other. With their families and friends gathering on the lawns of Adelaide botanic gardens we watched the beautiful ceremony held by the oh so fabulous Aphrodite Marriage Celebrant.


We laughed, we drank champagne, we hurt our feet walking around Adelaide CBD all afternoon all to end the day by popping MORE bottle of bubbly and wrapping out lips around some of the best Espresso Martini's at Adelaide's Whistle and Flute. 


Congratulations Mrs and Mrs Varnas!

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Emily & 



It was the start of October and rain filled the grey clouds above the lush green grounds of Glen Ewin Estate. Emily’s white dress and beaming smile appeared from behind the weeping golden willow tree’s, linked in her proud father's arms she walked down to the lake where her nervous husband to be was patiently waiting. Emily and Sam shared vows as rain droplets danced on their promises to each other, shared in front of their (slightly damp) loved ones, this was like a fairytale.  

This wedding is pure, this wedding is sweet, this love is forever. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Costin.

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Anna & 



I had driven a total of 11 hours on a solo mission out to Kimba to film Anna & Alex’s BEAUTIFUL wedding amongst the inland mountains out on the Eyre Peninsula.


During this country adventure I had filmed such a heart warming wedding where the air was fresh and the laughter was real. I had lost my phone and at mid night (with the help of photographer Amy Rowsell) was hunting for a flashing light in a paddock of wilderness under the country stars.


I had run out of petrol at 6am the next morning, stranded on my lonesome I had to ask a man by the name of Brian in the remote town of Iron Knob for fuel. In dire times..  I received chainsaw fluid into my car to make it back to Adelaide.


Well, after all that, what I CAN say is this wedding was something special. Anna & Alex, you guys are amazing, your wedding was so real and I felt the love of your guests and the love of your land from start to finish of your day. What a wedding, what a bridal party, what a story.

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Mila & 



Mila and Simeon, what I can say about this wedding is not only did it break the wedding mould but it broke it ever so beautifully! Mila and Simeon’s wedding plans were to be put on hold due to the pandemic but instead of letting go of hope, these guys did things their own way. Love conquers all, the love these two have for each other is a pure reflection of how even when times are harder you can scrap the 'normal' wedding plans and make your wedding how YOU want it.


Mila and Simeon shared the most intimate beautiful Serbian wedding followed by the Christening of their absolutely adorable son. They stuck to their family roots with Serbian traditions as well as sticking to the pandemic guest list restrictions and by doing so, it shed a light on how powerful the love of their family is and how important following your heart is.



Angela & 



On a calm September day set in the green surroundings of Sfera’s, there was a ceremony held which left tear drops over the cheeks of Angela and Chris's family and friends.


Angela & Chris’s love for each other poured out in their wedding vows, their excitement for each other was overwhelming during the first look reveal and the true connection of Angela's cultural background was so powerful during the tea ceremony. Angela and Chris, what a stunning, tear jerking wedding day which will never be forgotten.