Hello. You can call me Alex.


I film the things I'm passionate about which is why you'll see me filming your grandma dancing in the back of the venue instead of focusing on all the conventional awkward cheesy 'wedding stuff' which should have definitely been left in 2003.


My style is fun, if I don't want to re-watch it, I won't film it.

I'm simply here to film the times that cannot be forgotten and to 

re-live all your wild love party's that I attend.


As much as I lurvvee to party with you all, my favourite thing is the video editing. I am obsessed with being able to create something that you aren't expecting, something that will leave you on a rollercoaster of happy tears and big belly laughs when reliving your wedding day.

want to find out more?

Take me out for a beer,

lets chat,

lets talk wild wedding ideas.